Welcome to EyeComply

Introduction to EyeComply©

EyeComply© is a service designed to ensure statutory and contract compliance in the built environment.

Working within the Hughes & Associates group, the EyeComply© team have used their combined experience to create a better way of measuring statutory and contract compliance. In partnership with the technical team at Kent University’s Innovation Centre who, themselves, have over 18 years͛ experience of delivering IT systems and projects to the private sector and government departments in the UK and overseas, we developed EyeComply©.



Our industry leading team at EyeComply are a group of expert professionals who have decades of experience in business critical and people centric building environments within the public and private sector.  Our team have worked with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Social Housing organisations, Stadia, Justice Estates, PFI Estates (working at Funder, SPV, Service Provider and Trust levels) and the Education sector in various roles including:

  • Senior Project Auditor
  • Strategic Contract Auditor
  • Statutory Compliance Auditor
  • Hard FM contract Auditor
  • Fire Safety Auditor
  • Value Engineering Assessments

The Project Tracker element of EyeComply© was deployed into our client base in Q1 2017 and our team is now fully focussed on bringing the full audit programme to market. We will start by working with the markets that our team have had so much experience in, as outlined above. EyeComply© is a good fit for Stadia contract and statutory compliance and we look forward to exploring a route to market with you.

EyeComply© is designed to ensure statutory and contract compliance in the built environment